Löwenfels Mailroom

Our Löwenfels Mailroom solution is the efficient tool for keeping on top of the growing flood of information. Different incoming documents are automatically recognised, extracted and processed. The solution is an ECM like Löwenfels Mailroom that has been intelligently designed and is the key to a digitally transformed organisation that is capable of providing information and taking action.




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Usually, ERPs do neither want to nor are able to offer company-wide capture and workflow functionalities. Therefore, a comprehensive information service is lacking, as not all the content is accessible.


All-in-one ECM standard solution for multi-channel capture/extraction and automated workflow processing of all input channel and document types - including user-trained machine learning and case management. All efficiently managed with non-technical rules.

Added value

High capacity of action thanks to integrated Business Administrator. Transparent, consistent rules for multi-channel capture/extraction and workflow - all in the same user interface (without media breaks, black boxes and rigid island solutions). Flexible and fast connection to core systems.