Hospital invoice verification

Complex audit processes are solved with the use of audit and accounting software for hospital invoices. Already nine cantons rely on our software.

The software processes company information according to certain specifications, guides it through the organisation and ensures archiving. In the process, various software solutions interlock.




The efficient and transparent case-by-case examination of all hospital bills and per diems demanded by the Confederation ties up excessive resources.


The main components of the solution are the business processes for checking and approving DRG and TARPSY invoices. Thanks to the on-site installation (on-premise) of our hospital invoice verification solution, individual, cantonal requirements can be integrated quickly.

Added value

Complex checking processes are automated: The invoices are individually checked, processed and archived according to defined specifications and criteria. The protection of patient data is ensured at all times. Nine cantons already rely on the electronic invoice control and booking system developed by Löwenfels.