eFile law firm

The web-based digital file management system eFile law firm by Löwenfels offers numerous advantages and allows lawyers and notaries a new dimension of information and action capability.




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Separate filing locations, tools and channels for law firm and notary documents. Unprotected and cumbersome search in separate files. Deadlines and pending matters have no reminder function. The team's ability to provide information can suffer as a result.


Connection to existing legal case ERP/FIBU systems. A filing structure can be specified for each business case. Simple search - by client attributes, business case or full text. Approval workflows for new contracts or key documents are set up within minutes.

Added value

Connection to law firm management systems with automated comparison of structures and documents. Simple and flexible implementation of new requirements - thanks to integrated Business Administrator. Flexible DMS filing and organisational structures. Workflow-controlled management of pending matters and deadlines.