About us

Our team is made up of a number of talented people united in a common culture of mutual respect, trust and constructive criticism.

Board of Directors & Executive Board

Dr. Markus Meyer President of the Board of Directors
Attorney at law | Entrepreneur LinkedIn
Thomas Uhlmann Vice-President of the Board of Directors
Kurt Meier Member of the Board of Directors
Markus Odermatt Member of the Board of Directors
Ingenieur HTL | EMBA
Tatjana Zbinden Member of the Board of Directors
CHRO | Entrepreneur
Oliver Meyer Member | Delegate of the Board of Directors
CEO | Owner

Our team of experts

The Löwenfels team looks forward to every new challenge. We attach great importance to good, long-term, personal customer relationships. Our customers work with our software, not only because of its excellent quality and ease of use, but also because we as a team stand behind our products and practice the highest level of competence.


Oliver Meyer CEO

Oliver Meyer

Karin Werner CFO

Karin Werner

Pascal Freiburghaus CTO

Pascal Freiburghaus

Frank Buchli CBO

Frank Buchli

Elisa Krebs Head Human Resources

Elisa Krebs

Marc Grimmer Account Manager

Marc Grimmer

Olivier Odermatt Key Account Manager AHV

Olivier Odermatt

Engineering & Operations

Pascal Freiburghaus CTO

Pascal Freiburghaus

Carsten Albrecht Senior Business Consultant

Carsten Albrecht

Dereny Amlehn Application Support

Dereny Amlehn

Gaby Bartenwerfer Product Owner

Gaby Bartenwerfer

Adrian Beffa
Business Innovation Consultant

Adrian Beffa

Lara Bieri Product Owner

Lara Bieri

Michel Bieri Software Engineer

Michel Bieri

Lydia Bolliger AHV Specialist

Lydia Bolliger

Daniel Britschgi Tribe Lead, Projects Lead

Daniel Britschgi

Aline Christen Project Management Officer

Aline Christen

Elias Christen Software Engineer

Elias Christen

Reto Christen Software Engineer

Reto Christen

Marc-André Delaloye Application Supporter

Marc-André Delaloye

Adrian Elsener Software Engineer

Adrian Elsener

Patrick Engel Product Owner

Patrick Engel

Luan Gashi
Trainee Software Development

Luan Gashi

Candido Gobbi Application Supporter

Candido Gobbi

Patrick Haldimann
People Lead
Product Owner

Patrick Haldimann

Christian Heinzer Software Engineer

Christian Heinzer

Stefan Hodel Product Lead, Product Owner

Stefan Hodel

Alex Hösli Project Management Officer

Alex Hösli

Jan Hürlimann Software Engineer

Jan Hürlimann

Edwin Imboden Application Supporter

Edwin Imboden

Silvan Imsand Software Engineer

Silvan Imsand

Tobias Kamber Software Engineer

Tobias Kamber

Thomas Kayser
Development Lead, Software Engineer

Thomas Kayser

Michael Laun Software Engineer

Michael Laun

Tamara Müller AHV Specialist

Tamara Müller

Christoph Nadig Solution Architect

Christoph Nadig

Daria Perez Product Owner

Daria Perez

Ivan Perkovic
Trainee Software Development

Ivan Perkovic

Jussi Prevost Software Engineer

Jussi Prevost

Raksana Ravichandran
Trainee Software Development

Raksana Ravichandran

David Rohrer Software Engineer

David Rohrer

Beat Röllin Senior Technical Consultant

Beat Röllin

Mathias Stadelmann Software Engineer

Mathias Stadelmann

Nadja Stadelmann Software Engineer

Nadja Stadelmann

Aaron Steffen Software Engineer

Aaron Steffen

Marco Stöckli
Business Innovation Consultant

Marco Stöckli

Roland von Rotz Software Engineer

Roland von Rotz

Roland Willener Software Engineer

Roland Willener

Yves Willener Product Owner

Yves Willener

Patrick Winter Software Engineer

Patrick Winter

Markus Wüest Software Engineer

Markus Wüest

Andy Zimmermann Software Engineer

Andy Zimmermann

Erich Zimmermann Support Lead

Erich Zimmermann

René Zimmermann Software Engineer

René Zimmermann

Sakip Zungur Software Engineer

Sakip Zungur

Customer Experience

Frank Buchli CBO

Frank Buchli

Marc Grimmer Account Manager

Marc Grimmer

Olivier Odermatt Key Account Manager AHV

Olivier Odermatt

Christoph Heimgartner
Digital Business
Transformation Manager

Christoph Heimgartner

Eva Landolt Marketing Manager

Eva Landolt

Karin Müller Marketing Manager

Karin Müller

Peter Signer Bid-Manager

Peter Signer

Design & Advice

Adrian Beffa
Business Innovation Consultant

Adrian Beffa

Marco Stöckli
Business Innovation Consultant

Marco Stöckli

HR & Shared Services

Karin Werner CFO

Karin Werner

Elisa Krebs Head Human Resources

Elisa Krebs

Julia Berüter ICT Helpdesk Suport

Julia Berüter

Markus Häcki Head of IT

Markus Häcki

Andi Haerry Finance & HR

Andi Haerry

Yves Hofstetter Finance & HR

Yves Hofstetter

Anna Levis Finance & HR

Anna Levis

Katja Meyer Administration

Katja Meyer

Pilar Rodriguez Marketing & Communication

Pilar Rodriguez


Luan Gashi
Trainee Software Development

Luan Gashi

Ivan Perkovic
Trainee Software Development

Ivan Perkovic

Raksana Ravichandran
Trainee Software Development

Raksana Ravichandran

An innovative team with more than 30 years of experience

Business software engineering and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions are our focus. We digitise your business processes with software.

Our customers already include administrative authorities as well as medium and large private sector companies in Switzerland.

Facts and Figures
Founded in 1986
20 Swiss Cantons
trust Löwenfels
ISO 9001:2015
certified since
Training of computer scientists specializing in application development
90+ employees
Cooperation with external specialists

Sustainable Development & Social Engagement

Social engagement is a matter of course at Löwenfels. We not only support our employees, but also young sporting talent as well as various activities in the fields of social, environmental and climate protection.

Our history

The story of Löwenfels began in 1986 – not in a garage, but in offices directly on the shore of Lake Lucerne. The view from the offices was wonderful, and the outlook for the business was also promising. Founder Markus Mosele, a mathematics teacher, had a vision: he wanted to develop a software solution especially for AHV compensation funds.
It wasn’t long before three colleagues of the founder joined the company – to bolster the programming and customer service teams. The high quality of the company’s software development and internal processes was rewarded: in the form of ISO 9001 certification, which was something of a novelty in the IT industry in 1996.

The Löwenfels brand was established. It stood for strength, competence and loyalty as well as social skills, customer focus and teamwork.

• Employees are offered a working environment that is fun. Fair remuneration and considerate treatment are a matter of course. We invest in the quality of life of our team and focus on their further education and health.
• As a customer, we care for your needs individually. Benefit from the highest level of professionalism. Your requirements are fulfilled precisely and quickly.
• Strong cooperation with partners further strengthens the company.

Löwenfels expanded in the years which followed. Strengthened, the teams developed a new AHV software solution – now under the aegis of Thomas Uhlmann. In 2004, the agile development methodology was introduced and constantly refined. This allowed requests for changes to software to be quickly implemented. Within three weeks, customers would receive a new “release”. The AHV software was continuously expanded and optimised.

A new pillar emerged with the enterprise content management (ECM) segment. The Löwenfels customer base expanded: in addition to cantonal social and health directorates, it now included large companies and SMEs from a wide range of industries. A customer base to be proud of.

The company grew and, with the move to Maihofstrasse 1 in Lucerne in 2012, a new company logo was launched – dynamic, fresh and open in keeping with our success story. There was also a change in company management: Since mid-2016, Oliver Meyer has been leading Löwenfels Partner AG into a promising future.

Looking back, there are very few technological products from over 30 years ago that we still use today. However, some systems need to be consistent. For over 30 years, Löwenfels has been working with the Swiss authorities to develop, maintain, adapt and improve the software that provides vital services to the population. You could say that Löwenfels software has been quietly powering Switzerland.

As a company, we live and breathe continuous improvement. This is why 2022 is the perfect moment to adapt our brand identity and sharpen our position. Our new appearance is an expression of our focussed company strategy: Löwenfels conceptualises, designs, creates, maintains and improves software systems that support administrative authorities and companies to successfully adapt to complex environments.

The result is a new colour scheme, a fresher logo and a brand promise that defines our mission: Swiss Software, Built To Last.


As a customer you benefit from our strong partnerships.


As a member of various organisations, Löwenfels participates in specialist events and further education. The network guarantees continuous improvement and the exchange of knowledge and experience.